David ZoufalýWeb specialist heavylifter

David Zoufalý


Software development

  • Custom Wordpress templates with complete administration
  • Wordpress plugins
  • Presentation websites
  • Server side rendered apps build with Next.js
  • Client side rendered apps build with React
  • Minigames

IT Consulting

  • SEO Evaluation
  • UX Evaluation
  • Performance testing/evaluation
  • Full analysis of web/app with focus on higher conversion ratio

UX/UI Design

  • Creating Wireframes
  • Graphical design

Experienced with

Building custom SVG visualizations/charts, Design FE architecture of analytical application, CRM system from scratch (Final Thesis), Portal for clients with authentication, data upload from scratch, Javascript based game, Invoice generator, Implementation of payment gate, microsites development, presenting websites, specific calculators, forms, implementing of analytical scripts, creating of online campaigns, e-mail marketing campaigns, UI designs, Graphic designs, Creating custom Wordpress themes with administration, building mini apps to webs, SEO, more in my projects.

Never touched on

Development and optimalization of e-commerce sites.